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Here you can see what I’ve made over the years, and judge for yourself whether I am worthy to accompany you or your team/school.

Levels Shop

Don’t have time or resorces to create a level? 

I will create a 3D Virtual Level for you! Put in a custom order, I can do any style, size or level! 

Coming Soon

I am currently working on a new project, since the Siren Head project got corrupted and all the data was lost.

Updates coming soon!

About Me

Here you can see what video games I play, what Gaming Platforms I use and how my experience has been as a Game Developer.

A little about me

My name is Caleb Lawrence, I am 17,  I was the Co-Founder and Head Level Designer at RedBranch Studios and once the owner of ANGZStudios!

I have been apart of lots of projects in the past, such as Visin, End Is Coming, Only Survivor, Liredon and Segritude. I have been using Unity for about 6 years, mostly making Level Designs. I am learning more about the coding aspect of Game Development now, the main languages I am learning are C# and Java. All of my past work you can find on my Portfolio Page.

I like to make Videos and work with anything CGI or Video Editing Related.