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Here you can see what I’ve made over the years, and judge for yourself whether I am worthy to accompany you or your team/school.

Levels Shop

Don’t have time or resorces to create a level? 

I will create a 3D Virtual Level for you! Put in a custom order, I can do any style, size or level! 

School Projects

Here you can see all of my School Projects over the past years. 


About Me

Here you can see what video games I play, what Gaming Platforms I use and how my experience has been as a Game Developer.

A little about me

My name is Caleb Lawrence, I am 16,  I was the Co-Founder and Head Level Designer at RedBranch Studios and once the owner of ANGZStudios!

I have been apart of lots of projects in the past, such as Visin, End Is Coming, Only Survivor, Liredon and Segritude. I have been using Unity for about 6 years, mostly making Level Designs. I am learning more about the coding aspect of Game Development now, the main languages I am learning are C# and Java. All of my past work you can find on my Portfolio Page.

I like to make Videos and work with anything CGI or Video Editing Related.