One major change in Only Survivor, is the drivers update.

In this update you can find cars, and trucks around the map, that you ill be able to drive, in futre updates there will be a fuel system


W=Forward  |  S+Backwards

A=Left  |  D=Right

This update aslo adds parts of the major Zombie Infested city.

I am trying my best to bring out the best in Unity PHYS engine, As my scenes look beautiful, and performance is great.

As you can see here, There is lots of details going into the city.

I am working my best on Lighting, Foliage, and Shaders.

Made by ANGZStudios


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All screenshots are taken by Xbox Game Bar

Last few images of the city

You could be a beta tester if you answer some questions on a google forms survey.

Just answer the few questions I have on the Form and be entered into a contest to see who becomes a Only Survivor beta tester.

Just click on the button to the RIGHT