New Zombie Mode:

Sandbox Mode:In Sandbox mode you can pick up as many guns and unlimited ammo, and grenades. Once you do that, you can stay behind the safety wall, and practice long range shooting, or go out to the Zombie field, and rip some heads off with your shotgun.

I think Sandbox mode is a good addition to Only Survivor

New Areas:

Sandbox Hanger

New additions  to the Military Base

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Zombie Spawner Getting Stuck

Fixed Zombie Not Always Dying

Fixed Invisible wall When Zombies Dye

Fixed Other Minor Issues

Other New Addons:

Fixed, and Made the Score/Cash Board(15Points Per Hit)

Existing Bugs:

Zombies cant kill you, but you can kill them

Cant get back to Main Menu when in Sandbox Mode

Made New Menu For Sandbox Mode

Pictures You May Have Missed

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