Only Survivor BetaV0.5.0/0.5.1-ChangeLog

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Only Survivor BetaV0.5.0 is a Major Graphical Update, With ground textures at an Outstanding 8K, and most building textures at 2K-4K, Road Textures were 2K-8K, most of these new textures are Photo realistic, with every texture map in the book, Making a very realistic looking Game.

Open World News

Open world for Only Survivor has been completely remodeled. Open world is now stable(Lag Free).

New Sandbox Levels


Industry Night

Small Town USA

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Minor Issues

Existing Bugs:

You can drive though trees

You can not open doors

Only Survivor BetaV0.5.1

This update is a Major bug update

The First Person Player has been Updated for better Performance

Bug Fixes:

You Can now Open Doors

There are no more floating zombie holes

The zombies spew Blood when you shoot them

You can no longer drive though trees

You can now get to Main Menu from Open World

Lots of other Minor Fixes

Existing Bugs

None 🙂

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