Only Survivor BetaV0.5.3-ChangeLog

This update is about

Image Effects


General Graphics

Sandboxmode Update

To make a game look realistic, and nice, you need Image Effects. Only Survivor has finally got Image effects, such as, Sunshafts, Anti aliasing, Ambient Occlusion, Screen Space Reflection, Bloom, Flares, ETC.

The Picture you see on the left ,Shows you all of those Image Effects working, I think the most noticeable effect is the Sunshafts.


Fixed Hanger Sound Issue

Fixed Some Minor Issues

General Graphics

Grass, And Rocks have a more realistic look to them now.

Trees look sharper, and better.

Sandbox Mode

Removed Level: SmalltownUSA

Removed Level: Industrial Night

These levels did not look appealing, and had a very bad game play layout.

More Information on the Image Effects, Here we have two pictures, One with Anti aliasing on, and One with Anti aliasing off, there is a Major difference between the both of them.

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