Only SurvivorBetaV0.5.4-ChangeLog

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Only Survior Updates | 0 comments

This update is about


Image Effects/Graphics

Major news for BetaV0.6.0

You Shuld know this is a smaller update, But this update includes a Alpha Map Testing, The new open world map to be exact!

Fixed a Optimization bug

Fixed Minor bugs

Improved SSAO sharers, Changed color correction(LUT) midday color.

This is a Much bigger play ground

Major news for BetaV0.6.0

Changing the entire Only Survivor open world setting, Previously we had a 4 (2 by 2)  Square kilometer area to play with. Now I thought that was pretty a pretty big area to play with up until now.

The new map will be a 5 by 5(25 Square Kilometer area), It was originally going to be 100 Square kilometers, but my computer is not in the slightest, powerful enough for the intensity of the map builder. but at least the map will be doubling in size, right. And on the plus side it will still take a full half an hour to run across the whole thing, plus some Easter eggs!!(Map Edges) 😉

Next Update is 0.6.0

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