Only Survivor BetaV0.6.3-Changelog

This Update is about

Poppy Yoder Valley

Bug Fixes


Poppy Yoder Valley:

Added 2 New Parts to the town, effectively tripling its size.

Part One, New Rich Neighborhood

Part Two, Run Down Trailer park

Fixed A Major Bug That Was Blocking CPU Processors, Making The Game Stable Again.

The Power Plant has been completed, For now, Although I am thinking about returning to it in the Future, What do you think

The Map

The Key For the Map Above

Light Blue = I-68

Dark Blue = Route 12

Black = Route 55

Red = RailRoad

Orange = Existing Towns

Brown = Future Towns

Light Green = Power Plant

Dark Green = Farm Areas

Purple = Unreachable Areas

Made By ANGZStudios

Powerd By Unity 5