Only Survivor Is Done?!?!

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Only Survior Updates | 0 comments

Only Survivor had a nice long run, but it was rushed!

It was built wrong!

This will be the last Post for Only Survivor!


Only Survivor was a good game, although it was never completely finished. Only Survivor was rushed!, I skipped the Alpha stage, and went straight to beta!.

You may be thinking that I am leaving the Community, well NOOO! I would never leave this community!!!

I will make a new game, A better game that starts with Alpha builds, and takes its time, and this time I will do it right,

An idea for a new game I have

“End Is Coming”
Nasa has discovers a Asteroid that is going to slam into earth in a few weeks!

The public is Struck with panic, and people quickly break into riots and fights!

The world is broken up into two groups: The Weak, and the Stong

Of course, the weak die first, and the Strong are kiling everything in there paths, forming groups, and surviving until the end

You need to prove that you can be top dog and fight for limited resources, and survive, until the asteroid plummets into earth and ends all humanity!.