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End Is Coming-Tutorial (Buttons, Crafting, Building, and Killing)

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This Post will go over Button Controlls, How to Build, how to craft, and how to kill!

This is the tutorial Video, Posted on my YouTube Channel

First: Building

You need a BuildingĀ Paln

To make a Building Plan you need 6 Leather

You can get 6 Leather by Killing Boar

Boar spawn In Fields

Next: How to Build

To Build you need to hold the Building Plan

Right Click (To Open and Close)

Use the “Mouse Wheel” to select the Catagory you what

“Left Click” on that catagory, and use “Mouse Wheel” to select the object you what {I.E. Wall, Window, Door Frame} “Left Click” That Object and Right Click once.

Next: Inventory

To Open Inventory press “Tap”

From there you can use your Mouse to Select Objects, and Equip Things, and Store things.

Next: Crafting

Say you what to craft “Planks”

Get the Materials needed, As it says we need 1 Log.

Select how many “Planks {Or Other}” You what.

And Hit Craft, It Will Take Some Time Though

Next: Mining

To Mine Objects, get an Axe{Trees} Or a Pickaxe{Stones/Metal Ores}

Walk up to that object and “Left Click” On it.

you will than gain Resources

Thats all the Basics!