Pro Soccer Camp

4141 Linglestown Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17112

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About Us!

Why Choose Us?

We know alot because we’ve seen alot! Established in 1899, we’ve become one of the most well known Soccar Camps in Pennsylvainia. 

We have different Professional Soccar Players come in each week! 

We have our own medical center incase your child were to get hurt. But our safty procedures are so apparent, you shouldnt have to worry about any injuires. We provide protective gear and ensure everyone is hydrated to steer away from any potential injuries.

We have multiple real soccer feilds, with many additional recreational areas such as the Pool, Arcade room, Commons room and ofcourse the Master Cafe!

Our facilities are well maintained and cleaned, each cabin is assigned its own restroom and shower area. 

Do you qualify?

We train High Schoolers - From 9th to 12th Grade!

Let professionals teach your children how to never miss a goal again!

 Make sure to have your student ID when applying online or in person.


Sign up for the month of July! There are 4 available weeks you can sign your child up for.

Week One: July 4th – 10th

Week Two: July 11th – 17th

Week Three: July 18th – 24th

Week Four: July 25th – 31st

We change all of the sheets and deep clean the camp before the new campers arrive!

What You'll Do!

Day to Day Activities

Daily  Schedual 

6:30 AM

Start the Day!

Rise and shine campers, we start early to get the most out of your experince!

7:00 AM


Campers get to choose their breakfreast! From there they can meet up with their friends and enjoy a warm healthy meals in the Cafe.

8:00 AM

Soccer Field Practice

Campers get out onto the field with professionals and start the day with a practice Soccar Game! Campers are divided into two teams.

10:00 AM

Gaga Pit!

Campers get into groups and play Gaga Ball to cool down from the long game!

11:30 AM

Lunch Break

Come to the Cafe and get some yummy food! You’ll need to be full and ready for the upcoming activites!

12:30 PM

Camp Soccer League Game

We have a Camp League! At the begining of the week campers split up into teams and from there those teams work up to Playoffs and Finals based off of how they do! Each day we play a game and the Campers Teams either move up or down the Finals List! 

2:30 PM

Recreational Time

After a long game campers are tired. During this time campers have access to trainers, Recreational Rooms, The Pool and other camp facilities.

3:45 PM

Soccer Tactics Class

Campers go to the Camp Auditorium where they learn about professional tactics for Soccer. Campers can use these tactics to get their teams into the Camp League Finals!

5:00 PM

Dinner Time!

Its been a long day, everyone is hungry. We have our chefs cook up homemade food. A full corse meal to ensure your child goes to sleep with a full stomach. 

6:00 PM

Practice with Professional Athletes!

Campers get the opportunity to work directly with Professional Soccer Athletes, Eden Hazard and Riyad Mahrez. This is a great time for them to improve on their game.

7:30 PM

Camp Fire

Its been a very long, tiring day for these campers. We end the night off with a large camp fire. Here we make S’mores and have other snacks before sending the campers off to their cabins. 

8:30 PM

Utility Time

Campers get the rest of the night to Shower up and use the bathrooms. From here campers are free to goto their cabins and call it a night.



We use Social Media like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter becasue most of our Target Audience use these platforms. 

Sponsored By Adidas