Alcohol School Project

By: Caleb Lawrence, Tommy Whalen.

This is the Alcohol School Project Page. This is the page that you teachers need to grade, This whole website is not for school. Thank you!

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Alcohol Google Forum

This is a Google forum test/quiz, for Alcohol! Just a simple form for you to fill out!

YouTube Link: Alcohol Project

This is a short video, showing the Dangers of Alcohol!

Sway Presentation

Here is a Sway Project, Informing you More in-depth of Alcohol.

SMORE Presentation

A Smore Presentation!
This allows More Facts, More Pictures and More Learning

Story Board

A Story Board!

Next, Cartoon way to get your Facts!!!

Other Information

Alcohol Project for School.

by | Dec 15, 2017

What Does Alcohol do to your Body?

Alcohol Kills your brain. 

Alcohol Makes you do stupid things

Alcohol is a Depressant, you have a higher chance of Killing yourself if you drink to much of it!

Why drink Alcohol if it dose noting good for you!