Computer Programming | Visual Basic | Final Project

This is my Final Project for Computer Programming. We spend around 3 months making these projects and I am very happy with how mine turned out!

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Space Shooters

Very creative name right? This 2D game is based on Space invaders except instead of you shooting at the enemy you are trying to dodge them, as they have disabled your Blasters. Your objective is to dodge the Enemies and get to the Hyper-jump point to get out of there before the Big Boss Ship catches you from behind.


Your health is based off how much “Shield Points” You have. If your Shield points run out, then you die. You can gain Shield Points by hitting the 1Up Images. 


Audio Credits: Space Engineers, Elite Dangerous.


This Project took 3 Months to code, mostly because I only worked on the game at home a few times, the rest of the time was the entire class period 5 days out of the week.



Main Menu:

The main menu is the most basic form in the project. Its only purpose is to send the user to a new form when a button is clicked, play audio and have a quit button.


Hyper-jump Form:

The Hyper-jump form is triggered when the Player hits the Portal at the end of the Game Core form. 

It is made up of a Timer that is set to 15 Seconds, once this Timer hits 0 it opens the Station Form up.

This Form also plays a 15 Second Audio Clip.


Station Form

The Station Form’s Code is to big to put here in a picture. The Station Form starts a Ship Animation that sends the Player to the Space Station.

Once this animation is complete, 2 buttons and a label appear, telling the Player that they beat the game.


Game Core Form

The Game Core form is also to big to place here. 

The Game core is exactly what you think it is, it is all of the major code placed on one form. This form controls the Random Generation of Enemies as well as the Movement of the Ships and background and the Distance Trigger Events (like the Boss and Portal Appearance)

To see the Station and Game Core code, download the project at the top of the page.