Daemon Project

Watch the Concept Trailer I made!!

Daemon is a book about a computer virus, being controlled by a dead man…

This virus is extremely smart, and knows when and where it’s next move should be. It can read the news and make the public focus on it, making it one of the craziest virus’s out there. 

I’d recommend the book! 

A quick introduction from the author’s website – Daniel Suarez.com

It all begins when one man’s obituary appears online. . .

Matthew Sobol was a legendary computer game designer—the architect behind half a dozen popular online games. His premature death from brain cancer depressed both gamers and his company’s stock price. But Sobol’s fans weren’t the only ones to note his passing. He left behind something that was scanning Internet obituaries, too—something that put in motion a whole series of programs upon his death. Programs that moved money. Programs that recruited people. Programs that killed.

Confronted with a killer from beyond the grave, Detective Peter Sebeck comes face-to-face with the full implications of our increasingly complex and interconnected world—one where the dead can read headlines, steal identities, and carry out far-reaching plans without fear of retribution. Sebeck must find a way to stop Sobol’s web of programs—his Daemon—before it achieves its ultimate purpose. And to do so, he must uncover what that purpose is . . .


Book written by:  Daniel Suarez