Free time and Experience

Here you can see what video games I play, what Gaming Platforms I use and how my experience has been as a Game Developer. 

My Experience as a Game Developer

Only Survivor | End Is Coming | Segritude

I have been making video games for about 5 years. I’ve always used the Unity 3D Game Engine, but have tryed Unreal Engine. Sometimes are harder then others, as you are always learning something new, even when you think you know everything. There is always something new to learn.

I love making video games though, Even though sometimes were frustrating, I never stopped having fun.

My Portfolio


American Truck Simulator | Euro Truck Simulator 2

I play lots of Simulation Games, ATS and ETS2 are some of my Favorites. Theres just something about driving for hours on end that keeps me entertained.


Open World Space

Elite Dangerous | Star Citizen

Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen both deliver a experience unlike another game.

You have the Freedom to do basicly whatever you would want to do in Space.

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