My Portfolio

Here you can see what I’ve made over the years, and judge for yourself whether I am worthy to accompany you or your team/school.

RedBranch Studios

At RedBranch Studios I was a Co-Founder and Head Level Designer, I worked with 2 other Founders and a team of 33! My main task was to create the map, manage the team and give instructions for what needs to be done.

The Games we were working on was, Segritude and Liredon, we also were in the progress of making a Discord Bot Creator, called “”

I joined the team on October 19th, 2018, I had a great year of gaining experience and learning about team management.

As of October 29th, 2019 RedBranch Studios split up. Not for Social Incompatibility reasons but because of school, work, life, and in-activity.

The people I worked with were the nicest people I’ve ever met. Every day was something new and I will never forget the experiences I had at RedBranch Studios!


Visin was an Audio Visualization Application me and 2 friends made in the summer of 2018.

The team was made up of Kaos, Cloaked_Eye and me. (Discord Names for privacy reasons)

Kaos did all of the Programming, he did a great job with making the visualization code and the customization aspects.

Cloaked_Eye Led us and made artwork and worked on the design. Everything from him always surprised us, each time he would make something better and better.

I did the UI and some Post Processing. I’m happy with what I did and how much I learned from the project.

I think this was one of the best-finished applications I’ve had the opportunity to work on. Everyone did an amazing job making an excellent program!

The Website and Discord Server no longer exists as the project was closed in September of 2018.

After Effects Work

Earth Render

Here is a Earth Render I made with Adobe After Effects. I used Video Co-Pilots “Orb” Plug-in to assist me through the making of this render. This is the first planet render I have ever done.

Mars Render

This is a Mars render, Similar to the Earth render in many ways, but with lots of texture, color, shadow fixes, and lighting changes, to better fit the “Mars” look.

CL Productions Intro

I made this with a AFX template. All of the Textures and layer/compositions were given to me, and I just put it all together.

Unity 3D Work

Snowy Forest | Unity | Level Design

Its getting cold fast! Snow is starting to fall all over the place, so I made this Snowy Forest Level Design!

Halloween Design | Unity | Level Design

Happy Halloween everyone! This Level Design was inspired by Stranger things, as you can probably tell from the Demogorgon.

Old Town USA | Unity | Speed Design

Every small town in the USA Shares the same thing – a main commercial street! Heres my take on a small town USA.

Train Warp | Unity | Speed Design

This is my first animation clip that I made with untiy. I used Timeline and lots of particle effects to achive the train warping effect.

This train departs from a Suface Station outside NYC, suddenly the train starts to warp to a new location. The train arrives in the middle of nowehere.

Forest Design

This is a Detailed Horror Type forest environment. If you go in to this forest, dont expect to come out.

Train Field | Dec 9, 2017

This Level Design is a Train, moving down a field. This design has no meaning behind it, as I just made it for fun.

Sunset Road | Dec 11, 2017

This Level Design is a Curved road, at an bay front, in the afternoon. This scene is based off of a road in CA. To bad the leaves particals does not blend into the rest of the scene.

After War | Jan 15, 2018

This Level Design is based off of a war scene. It is supposed to represent the damage that a war can bring. This scene was orginally made for End Is Coming, but never made it into the game.

Mountain Road | Nov 28, 2017

This scene was based off of a picture of a road in the mountains. For a long time this scene was my favorite scene. This was the first scene I used Reflection Probes and post processing in.

First Snow | Dec 1, 2017

This scene is based off of a Firstsnow, in a city. There is no visable snow on the ground, becasue typicaly on the first snow, the surface would melt any snow to touch it.

Desert Road | Nov 20, 2017

This Level Design is based off of the Desert. I made this one to see how well I could make a vast empty desert blend into the mountains. This is one of the first level designs I made.

This Website

I Designed this website

With the help of WordPress and the Divi Theme, I designed this entire website.

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