My Portfolio

Here you can see what I’ve made over the years, and judge for yourself whether I am worthy to accompany you or your team/school.

RedBranch Studios

At RedBranch Studios I am a Co-Founder and Head Level Designer, I work with 2 other Founders and a team of 54! My main task is to create the map, but I also help manage the team and give instructions for what needs to be done.

The game we are currently working on is “Segritude”. We use Discord as our Hub of Communication. Come join our community!

After Effects Work

Earth Render

Here is a Earth Render I made with Adobe After Effects. I used Video Co-Pilots “Orb” Plug-in to assist me through the making of this render. This is the first planet render I have ever done.

Mars Render

This is a Mars render, Similar to the Earth render in many ways, but with lots of texture, color, shadow fixes, and lighting changes, to better fit the “Mars” look.

CL Productions Intro

I made this with a AFX template. All of the Textures and layer/compositions were given to me, and I just put it all together.

City Destruction

This is the first thing Ive ever made with Adobe After Effects. I made this in the first two days I had the program.

Unity 3D Work

Train Field

This Level Design is a Train, moving down a field. This design has no meaning behind it, as I just made it for fun.

Sunset Road

This Level Design is a Curved road, at an bay front, in the afternoon. This scene is based off of a road in CA. To bad the leaves particals does not blend into the rest of the scene.

After War

This Level Design is based off of a war scene. It is supposed to represent the damage that a war can bring. This scene was orginally made for End Is Coming, but never made it into the game.

Mountain Road

This scene was based off of a picture of a road in the mountains. For a long time this scene was my favorite scene. This was the first scene I used Reflection Probes and post processing in.

First Snow

This scene is based off of a Firstsnow, in a city. There is no visable snow on the ground, becasue typicaly on the first snow, the surface would melt any snow to touch it.

Desert Road

This Level Design is based off of the Desert. I made this one to see how well I could make a vast empty desert blend into the mountains. This is one of the first level designs I made.

This Website

I Designed this website

With the help of WordPress and the Divi Theme, I designed this entire website.

I also Designed