Only Survivor Beta History

by | Oct 5, 2017

Only Survivor Started in February 8th 2017. Only Survivor started climbing though the Beta Versions very Fast, so fast that I thought the game would be finished by June 2017. As I Gradually got better at the Unity 3d Engine and C++, the game started to take longer, I noticed more details that needed to be placed, and more code to keep the game Lag free. Now here we are in October and the game Just reached its halfway point(0.5.0).

Starting with Only Survivor 0.1.0. The original area of the game was going to take place was in a Island. BetaV0.1.0 obviously had just about nothing to it. There were buildings scattered around and just about nothing to do, Zombies did not exist until Only Survivor BetaV0.4.0. Only Survivor at its early stage was a very bad game.
Next, Only Survivor BetaV0.1.1. Only Survivor BetaV0.1.1 was when things firstly slowly started to pick up. This was when I started to build the city,the city was a very laggy area, mainly because I had no idea what LODs(Level Of Detail) meant. So because there where no LODs, the game always had rendered everything at full resolution, which was bad. I did not know what I was doing wrong.
Only Survivor BetaV0.1.2-0.1.4. In Only Survivor BetaV0.1.2-0.1.4 everything kinda stayed the same, except some new buildings here and there, Only Survivor BetaV0.1.2-0.1.4 really was a laggy time, as I said I did not know what LODs where.
Only Survivor BetaV0.2.0-0.2.2. This was the time where cars started to make there was into Only Survivor. When cars hit Only Survivor everything changed. I was sick of the lag and started looking at the Unity Forums, everyone said to use Lods, Once I started looking up how LODs worked, the city became a little less laggy, I say a little because even with LODs, the assets I was using were built, not for FPS games, and these assets in large chunks was a bad Idea. Thats why you dont see them in present day Only Survivor.
Only Survivor BetaV0.3.0-3.5.0. Once I started to lean a lot more of the engine, I decided to scrap the Island idea annd start fresh, Now Only Survivor takes place in a Hilly region, with few valleys here and there. This is when I really started working on the city, starting to place details and write code. Most of these updates were based around city’s and roads.
Next Only Survivor BetaV0.4.0-0.4.4. Only Survivor BetaV0.4.0-0.4.4 was the biggest update in Only Survivor History, From Zombies to A whole new world of levels. Only Survivor BetaV0.4.0-0.4.4 Introduced Sandbox Mode. Sandbox mode is unlimited weapons and ammo, try to beat your highest round, gain more experience with Only Survivor. The zombies in Only Survivor BetaV0.4.0+ were finally able to attack you and you were finally able to kill them, Only Survivor BetaV0.4.0-0.4.4 was by far the biggest update in Only Survivor history.

Only Survivor BetaV0.5.0-0.5.1- At the time of writing this post, Only Survivor BetaV0.5.1 is the newest version of Only Survivor. BetaV0.5.0 Was a big change for Only Survivor, The Open world part of the game was completely remodeled with a LOD system the Open world is now playable again. 0.5.0 also added some new Sandbox Levels Such as: Hospital, Industrial Night, and SmalltownUSA(Not Finished). Only Survivor BetaV0.5.1 was a Major Bug Update. Really nothing new, Just lots of Major fixes.

Only Survivor BetaV0.5.0 was also a Major Graphical Update, With ground textures at an Outstanding 8K, and most building textures at 2K-4K, Road Textures were 2K-8K, most of these new textures are Photo realistic, with every texture map in the book, Making a very realistic looking Game.

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