Siren Head – “The Other Game”

A small horror game based off of Siren Head

About the Game

This game is about a character named “Siren Head”

Siren Head is a 40-foot-tall humanoid creature with a heavily emaciated, near-skeletal frame covered in dried, mummified flesh in the color of rusted metal. Its limbs are disproportionately long and thin, with arms almost as long as its entire body, ending in huge, bony hands. This creature emits loud, eeiry sounds that are weirdly scary. You can hear it from far away, but if you get to close it’ll ruin your day. 

In my game, Siren Head walks around a old deserted town in Central Pennsylvania. Siren Head is trapped in this valley due to the landscape he lives in. To the East and West are steep ridges that are very hard to pass, to the south is a River that swallows anything that it touches and to the North are High Voltage Power lines that will fry Siren Head in seconds due to his massive height. Since Siren Head cannot escape his little area in the middle of nowhere, he makes the best of it. 

Story Line – “Prologue”

“42 years ago this area started developing, a major part of the project was the construction of NewHope Village. A small lumber processing town in central Pennsylvania. The center district of NewHope was built in 9 months, before anyone had even chartered the mountains and dense woods.

After a few months of production the town suddenly went quiet. No stress signal, no warning, just silence. We sent a team up there to go check it out, they just reported exactly what we were thinking. Not a single soul, not a ounce of life. Completely empty. Although there have been numerous reports of siren like sounds coming from the valley ever since the towns disappearance. Maybe a SOS signal…

We don’t know what happened up there, but we do know that there’s still valuable materials and machinery that we need to repurpose for the surrounding areas over ridge.

The department of transportation won’t let us past the power lines on the edge of the district, so they sent you. Your task is to go up there and scout out the town, find out what’s left of it and what we can reuse. You’ll have everything you need to last the night, we’ve also gone ahead and reactivated the towns power grid. The infrastructure that still works will be lighting your way.

Be careful, if you run into any trouble you’ll have the firepower to deal with it and constant radio contact once you activate the relay tower. You’ll get a list of task and locations so you don’t get lost.”

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