Social Studies | 2005 – 2019 RESEARCH Project

Factual Information

Top 3 Headlines

2008 Repression

The 2008 Great Repression was the worst Economic Crisis of the 2000s…

History Article

2012 — The US rover, Curiosity, takes a selfie on Mars

The Curiosity Rover takes its first picture on Mars. This was major for the USA because it was another step towards getting to Mars


2013 — The Boston Marathon bombings kill 3 people and injure an estimated 264 others

Two homemade pressure cooker bombs detonate 12 second apart near the finish line of the race, killing several and leaving 16 without limbs.

Boston Bombing Article


Who were the Presidents from 2005 – 2019?


Term length: 2001 – 2009



Term length: 2009- 2017



Term length: 2017 – Current



What the most important Technological advancments? 

Renewable Energy’s such as Solar and Wind have both become more and more common around the World. With Solar and Wind becoming cheaper, producing more power and having almost no negative environmental impacts it has started to slowly replace Coal, Oil and Pollution heavy power plants.

This will help stop our Carbon Footprint and slow down Global Warming. It will also provide a long term solution to Electricity as Fossil Fuels will not be around forever.

In fact, Oil is predicted to run out in 2052, Gas in 2061 and Coal in 2089. That is much closer then you think it is. 

Electronics have changed the way we live forever.

Once Apple released its first Iphone in 2008, everything changed. Now you have the power to access just about anything you want with the thing in your pocket. Social Media experienced a heavy boom once Smart-phones became wide spread devices that almost everyone had. 

Computers also experienced lots of advancement within the last decade. Moore’s Law states that Computer power has the potential to Double each year. This means every year that passes Computers get more and more powerful at a faster and faster rate.

Think of it like this: 2 X 2 = 4, Thats 1 year. 4 X 4 = 16, thats year 2. 16 x 16 = 256, thats year 3, so on…This is what is happening with the Computer, as it gets more and more powerful it can do more things for us.

Space Exploration might not seem like a big deal now, but once we build a colony on the Moon and get to Mars Humanity will become invincible. If we set up colonies on Mars then the chances of Humanity going extinct or destroying itself goes to near 0. If something devastating happens on Earth, it wont effect colonies on Mars.

With NASA Planning to build a Colony on the Moon by 2024 and SpaceX sending the first person to Mars by 2031 everything we do and have done in the past decade will effect the future forever. For Example, NASA’s Opportunity Rover that landed on Mars Jan. 24, 2004 to conduct a mission that was supposed to last 90 Days turned into a expedition that lasted 15 Years. Everything about those 15 years have changed the way we understand Science and how we will go into the future. 


Optinion Based Information

Movies, TV, Music, Fashion

TV: The Office

The Office. Whenever someone says those two words, fans of that hilarious television show always smile. It is such a unique show that has gotten to be extremely popular among college students since it was put on Netflix. From an outsider’s perspective, it may be difficult to understand why college students love the show so much. However, we have fallen in love with the show because it is just plain funny and relatable.

Movie: Interstellar

“Interstellar is not just good but an exceptional film which you could easily place in any top 10 of decade defining films of their decade. Its excellent in terms of being scientifically accurate and has a brilliant narrative and effective story-telling. The Academy Award winning Visual Effects, amazing Direction and very emotional and grounded approach to relationship between a father and daughter are just some of the things great about Interstellar.” –

Song: Mr.Bightside

Why Mr.Brightside? It is 14th most popular song of the 21st century and my family raised me around this type of music.


by The Killers

Famous Icon: Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is one of the funniest actors I’ve seen. Movies and TV shows have become such a big part of our lives and I feel like I see him in something at least once a week.


Boys Fashion

“Youth fashion were inspired by hip-hop and skater culture, mixing sportswear with high fashion. Sneakers, from Chuck Taylors to Nike Air Jordans, became hot items. At the same time, goth and indie pop subcultures developed. People became interested in vintage thrift store shopping and adopting a darker, rocker aesthetic–a twist on British mod.” –

Girls Fashion

“High-waisted bottoms, such as pants, shorts, skirts, and bathing suits also became the standard for women’s fashion in the 2010s, as opposed to the low rise trend that was popular throughout the 2000s.” – Google

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