Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)

Study Guide Quesitons: 29 and 30 

What is the "Strategic Defense Initiative"

(Q30 ) – The Strategic Defense Initiative (or SDI) is a defense system that was supposed to be based in space an on land and would be used to defend the USA from Soviet or any other ICBM Missile attacks. As a side effect it would also show how powerful the USA is.

(Q29) Over a 5 year period the USA Government spent 1.1  Trillion Dollars on the Strategic Defense Initiative. All of the money was put towards the Military. 

Quick Facts about SDI

  • 1.1 Trillion Spent on SDI over a 5 year period
  • The Strategic Defense System was a Missile Defense system that was supposed to be used for shooting down Soviet Missiles or another attacks against the USA or NATO nations.
  • It got to costly, Congress stopped funding in the Mid 1980’s
  •  Space and Earth based laser battle stations
  • Required extremely advance systems that did not exist or were not developed yet.
  • The Soviet Union crashed in 1991 effectively stopping the effort to continue the Initiative.


  • Is the SDI still around today?

This is a video explaining the Strategic Defense Inititive. It is short and informative.

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