Social Studies – Holocaust Memorial Design | PD 9

February 8, 2019

I made a Graphical Design for this project. On this page I will explain what the design means and how it is a memorial for all of the victims of the Holocaust.

I deisgned a building from the Ghettos for a Holocaust memorial. I chose the Ghettos because that is where most people were forced to go, before the camps and most of the time people did not even know they were going to goto the camps. The Ghettos were not well maintained and were often dirty or falling apart. This design is supposed to show the condition in which the Holocaust victims were kept.


This building has names of the Holocaust Victims on it, this is supposed to show that the Holocaust will never be forgotten and those who survived can remember all of their lost ones. Those who went though the Holocaust will be Honored and remembered, anyone who reads the walls of the building will see the thousands of people who lost their lives and how little survived.